Geminis’ month …… Life of a gemini(in a nutshell) ✌

Here comes the witty and kind Geminis πŸ‘ˆ




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I can see your reflection mate!!!!!!!

I am too a  Gemini . since my birthday is gonna be in this month’s 30th .. this one is about Geminis and🍻 something related to how they perceive their lives and emotional journies .?. πŸ€“ Under mercury’s influence, they surely have an intellect and a poise … But with that comes the duality. Which is thinking of two different things at the same time.


Blog430_The Gemini Woman
So TRUE; )


This guy is very nice but what if he won’t remain the same and he might be thinking of something else which is entirely different From what i am thinking.😝😝


This worry and anxiety come when they critically start thinking about the relationships. Their duality works excellently in forming new ideas and innovations but emotionally they tend to loose guts,😐 becoming a recluse


Howeverrrrr they regain the energy πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ˆas they are considered to be super energetic.But as soon as they see hypocrisy they turn into solids and take life as it comes. It is true that you can’t get anything you want. Not more of everything but a little of what you have invested in and worked hard for.





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