Confusion Or Conclusion

What’s better to choose?? Confusion or conclusion?


Sounds like conclusion should be chosen since it gives us a clear path to follow and we just gotta follow that path and nothing else, whereas confusion seems to be a complex situation from where you can’t find a way to go.

But that necessarily is not a definite fact. As we have heard from our elders. 

No relaxed mind can bear the confusion, it requires practice and not to mention patience.  A conclusion is not what we decide, it’s something that with time and efforts come on the line whereas confusion gives us more time to explore and we go deep down the matter and might become a master of that department.

I am here contrasting confusion with curiosity and conclusion with stubbornness.


We discuss and come to a conclusion without being double minded rather we should leave it there with confusion and nothing heals better than time.

It’s like a MAGIC! Magic of patience, priority, and potential.MP3 🎢🎢🎢🎢

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  1. Conclusion is about the destinations / ends….
    Confusion is about the journey / means….

    ….n it’s a fact that no destination is final… Its just a stop over.
    Hence, confusion is eternal… πŸ™‚

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