When music takes you with it to a variety of places ………

Remember any song which is your favorite or one of your favorites…

It’s a good mood stabilizer, it grows your E.Q. , it makes you forget distressful past, it gives you confidence, for singers, it is a meditation.

Remember any song which takes you in a place where you dance better than anyone else does,  you know all the steps and you steal all the limelights or most of us imagine grooving like no one is noticing.



Any song that recalls the romantic memories or memories of good times …



Songs that become your partner in loneliness. You feel connected to the lyrics and the instruments that blend intensely with them.



Remember any song that gives you courage. Next day you are all set to start something all over again. That happens a lot.



when you just wanna chill, no complications


and much more…

#music #beingexpressive


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